The Grand Trail de la Vallée d'Ossau is born in 2014 by Pau Pyrénées Aventure in order to make discover to numerous runners this typical french pyrenees valley with wild trails and fantastic views.

This Race with 75km and 5300m of positive denivelation is classified as a difficult, technical, physical race but with magic and amazing atmosphere because in addition to wonderful panorama, this race is becoming a popular event with friendliness atmosphere. The race go in some areas where family, partners and friends come to support and encourage you, on a summit or in a typical village lot's of people come to see The Runners. Also the finishline is localised into Laruns village in a festive atmosphere with the rythm done by Ossau singers.

You can run alone or you can split by 2 and relay with a partner in the middle of the race.